Comparative Analysis of Civil Services Prelim Paper - II (CSAT)

Analysing Civil Services Prelims Exam
UPSC In-depth Question Analysis - Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT)

Subject Year - 2011 Year - 2012 Year - 2013
Reading Comprehension 30 32 24
Mathematics 11 3 11
Reasoning 17 28 25
English Passage (Compulsory) 9 8 8
Decision Making 8 9 6
Data Interpretation & Graphs 5 x 5
  80 Marks 80 Marks 80 Marks

First, we have Reading Comprehension which requires lots of practice and it is very important part of the paper because out of 80 questions around 24-25 questions are coming in the paper.
Next is Mathematics, we can see that the number of mathematics questions are very very less (pure maths approach). No need to do Vedic  mathematics and all. you can solve questions with class 7th to 8th level preparation. So in mathematics the mental ability portion is basic maths and it is not a problem.
Reasoning is also important, almost 25 questions.

So, two things are very important in paper 2, your focus should be on Reading Comprehension and remember nothing to study, it is only through practice. Pickup any question bank available in the market it is for bank exam, clerical exam or even MBA, because it is slightly tough but don't go for CAT. Read the paragraph and try to solve the question. Repeated reading and repeated solving habit can make this part easy for you. Unfortunately, many people are suffering from certain dilemmas and may be because of our education system these days, "We are not able to understand what is written in a couple of paragraphs and how to answer those questions". It is a quite sad part of our whole education system and may be because of our poor reading habits and things like that.

We also have two other areas, English Passage as a compulsory part with around 8-9 questions (which is also for Hindi Medium students). So you should be able to crack all 8 or 9 questions correct for you and in the same time the Decision Making Questions (No Negative Marks for Decision Making). So you will be able to do it well there also. Around 15 questions you can easily manage from both English passage and decision making parts. Practicing reading comprehension along with reasoning and if you do it properly, we strongly believe that an average student can aim at making atleast 60 questions correct in paper 2 out of 80 questions.

Look, clearing preliminary is not our ultimate goal, clearing the exam and become the IAS is our goal. But still paper 2 should make it easy for you by practice.

Comparative Analysis of CSAT-II (Prelim)

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