Civil Services as an eminent option for young aspirants

Career in Civil Services Examination's absolutely true when you are saying that, today not many professionals, bright youngsters aimed for civil services. And the reason is the economic boom and so call the salary package in private sector is far more than what Indian Civil Service ever offer.

But being in the service, there is no other service in the world other than Indian Administrative Service which gives you a kind of scope & reach. You can not reach 2 million people at an age of 25 - 26, irrespective of which company or level you join. You might become CEO of big company but you will still be able to influence only few thousand lives. But as civil servant, sub collector or the district collector the opportunity you get is unbelievable, and job satisfaction can not be compared with any other job. Again the question of variety, you will not be able to get the king of varieties you get in this in any other service.

For example, you become a district collector and that's when you will able to learn 'How India lives', 'What India is' & what are the aspiration of our citizens. And only then you start working & developing your own indigenous solutions.

Today candidates are able to join a big IT companies might be doing very well in terms of salaries. But no company would ever be able to the job with attractive IT investment into the states of opening of the states to become more friendly in IT investments and thereby impacting not just few hundred or thousands of employees but a few thousand companies. Because here you are up against the wall you have very very difficult tasks in hand and the same time there are hundreds of families who have so much of aspiration and hoping that, yes you will be able to do something to save or completely turn their life.

It's a big myth being outside the service not understanding what the services to offer, just seen some of the which are there in the service; Yes you will never have the kind of money to show off as your private sector counterpart would have. But there is sufficient salary given which is good enough for a middle class living. You may not be able to go to the best of the clubs but where is the time if you are a busy working, your families would definitely be comfortable, which is what we should aspire for.

Today you might be holding a post which tomorrow 20 years junior to you might be holding and vice-versa, but then the learning everyday is tremendous, its immense, you can talk on any subjects, you can know about any subjects because you handle almost every aspect of country's life.

If you able to come into this service your life will not be the same ever again. Remember you might not have the money but whatever the money you can buy would all be available, not the materials but your links, your contacts, the work you will be doing, the level at which you will be handling, all those are available in this service probably money may not buy so many of those things which you always will get in this that you expect you will get the respect of 2 million people in a district is something is nobody will be able to get.

At last our sincere urge would for aspirants that please go ahead and join Civil Services and help to change in new generation and The Country.

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