How to prepare Commerce and Accountancy optional for IAS

Strategy for Commerce and Accountancy (Optional) Paper this article we will talk about Commerce and Accountancy optional and share tips for civil services examination.

How is Commerce and Accountancy as an Optional?

It is one of the lengthy optional in terms of time needed for preparation & revision and the larger part of the syllabus is static in nature. The biggest hurdle that arises during preparation is that it requires vast reading and then integration form different sources so that coverage is comprehensive. Supply of study material is limited hence there is more reliance on coaching is increased. It provides advantage as graduation and professional studies are utilized and around 150 marks numerical are there which can fetch very good marks.

What is the role of coaching?

There is no harm in taking coaching for paper one and paper two also, because the basics of subjects clarified in class and regular test will provide you a check on your optional preparation. Coaching helps around 20-25%, rest is application and hard work of student itself.

Study approach for Commerce and Accountancy

This optional is meant for Patience and Calmness. We need to make different strategies for both paper.

Strategy For Paper - 1: There will definitely be some unpredictable and unexpected questions which need to be smarty avoided in choice. For compulsory questions don't beat around the bush if answer is not known. Invest the time in known questions & numerical types which will get you easy marks. Even if 40-50 marks questions are unanswered then also around 140 is achievable easily.

Strategy For Paper - 2: Remember for the compulsory questions the strategy will be the same as for Paper 1. Choice making here is more important as you will have a little knowledge of every question shall be there. After choosing careful reading of question is needed, before writing & while writing so that you do not miss any important point.

How to write answers in Commerce and Accountancy paper?

Introduction should be there and can be either indirect through some lines or quotes or direct with general explanation followed by exact definition. Thereafter topic need to be explained in short followed by establishing links with other chapters and focusing on the question again.

Diagrams can be used effectively. Ending of answers should always be visionary or positive with example if needed or with some lines. There should be mixed use of paragraphs and points. Examples should be quoted wherever possible but refrain from using one enterprise again & again in many different questons.

  • Reference: Raj aran Agarwal, AIR-474 (CSE - 2013)
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