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Daily MCQs For IAS Prelims (28th December - 2016)

Civil Services Preliminary - 2017

Daily MCQs
(General Studies) Practice

1. Consider the following statements and mark the option which is correct.
(i) Chandragupta defeated Menander.
(ii) Vima Kadiphises assumed the title Devaputra which was inspired by the title Swargputra of the Chinese emperor.
(iii) Shake Rule was founded by Maso or Moga.
a. ii
b. i & iii
c. all of the above
d. ii & iii


2. Who patronised Mathura Art & built a stupa at Purushpur?
a. Kijula Kadiphises
b. Rudradaman
c. Vima Kadiphises
d. Moga

3. Consider the following statements.
1) Subsidy is a negative income tax.
2) Pigovian tax is imposed on bodies that have a negative externality.
3) Relation between tax rates & tax revenue collected by governments is shown by Laffer curve.
Which of the above statements is / are true.
a. 1, 2 & 3
b. 1 & 3
c. 1 & 2
d. 2 & 3


4. Consider the following
i) Europe is the second smallest continent in the world in area after Australia.
ii) Strait of Gibraltar is known as key to the Mediterranean.
iii) Europe and Asia is one common landmass known as Eurasia Which of the above are correct?
a. i and ii
b. ii and iii
c. all of the above
d. iii only

5. Which of these are correct?
i) I ndia has the fifth largest installed wind power capacity in the world.
ii) Tamil Nadu is the largest contributor to renewable energy in India.
a. i only
b. ii only
c. i and ii
d. none

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