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Daily MCQs For IAS Prelims (4th January - 2017)

Civil Services Preliminary - 2017

Daily MCQs
(General Studies) Practice

1. Who among the following is also known as “Kabir of the Deccan”.
a. Basava
b. Nimbarkacharya
c. Madhvacharya
d. Tukaram

2. Consider the following statements and mark the option which is correct.
(i) Guru Nanak believed in the doctrine of Karma and the theory of transmigration of souls.
(ii) Ramanand was representative of Sagun Bhakti sect.
(iii) Kabir defeated Buddhist scholastic Teachers.
a. i & iii
b. all of the above
c. i & ii
d. none of the above

3. Which of these is not a cold current
a. Labrador
b. Canaries
c. Falkland
d. Gulf stream


4. The first nuclear reactor of India was
a. Urvashi
b. Apsara
c. Kamini
d. Rohini

5. Match the following UMPP projects State
i) Akaltara a) Chhatisgarh
ii) Mundra d) Gujarat
iii) Girye c) Maharashtra
iv) Tadri d) Karnataka
a. ib, iic, iiid, iva
b. id, iib, iiic, iva
c. ia, iib, iiic, ivd
d. ic, iib, iiid, iva