Issue of gender equality in India

IAS Mains General Studies Sample Answers

It is great challenge for Indian Society and politics. Various social constraints are also there apart from various traditional customary problems.

They are as follows:

  • It female comes out of houses to participate in mainstream of society, male would unable to handle children and other household works on their part.

  • Females have always been subjected to domestic expression in patrimonial, male dominated society. They are dominated by male psychologically. This creates lack of confidence among them to face social challenges.

  • Female are regarded as baby producing machines and satisfy sexual instincts and requirements of males. This attitude in yet to be changed.

  • They are not well aware of legal provisions favouring and protecting them.

  • They are not well aware of economical and political systems, so they cannot participate in such fields without proper training.

  • Proper upliftment of women is much required in Indian Society.

Gender equality in IndiaSex ratio indicates numbers of female per thousand male. It indicates social status. In most of the cases lower sex ratio represents suppressed level of women. Census 2001 shows that during the 1991-2001 decade, the overall 1000 in 2001. But during the same period the child sex ratio (0-6 years) dropped from 945 to 927, while the sex ratio in the 7+age group increased from 923 to 945, child sex ratio (0-6 years) is the most realistic indicator of trends in female foeticide and continuing discrimination against the girl child. Many reasons play role for declining sex ratio. Prominent of them are economic class, social class, castes, tradition, dowry economic and social burden.

Declining sex ratio is the reflection of the intrinsic flow in our social system, which has to be taken care of. Government has to take measure to curb this social evil. For that, Government has started many programmes to empower the women to take care of health of the women and the child. Government started many educational schemes for girl child. Government is encouraging people not to go for female feticide. Many state governments have implemented programmes for girl child development to control female foeticide. Even government of India has also introduced the notional programmes for both mother and child. Therefore it will have affect on the country's development, if there will be any discrimination against women, who constitute half of population of the country. It country starts taking care of women, then it will have affects of social development.

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