(Analysis) Knowledge hub for elected women representative launched

(Analysis) Knowledge hub for elected women representative launched

Women representative of Panchayati Raj InstitutionWith an objective to train elected women representative of Panchayati Raj Institution in 16 districts of five States in India, the first ever "knowledge Hub for Elected Women Representatives in the Rural Areas of South Asia" has been launched recently in Alwar district of Rajasthan.

Named the "Regional Centre for Excellence", the hub comprises three important components of mobile application, web application and community radio, which can be used by women through an interactive tool, wi-net, developed on android platform. Women can share their experiences by uploading audio-visual content on mobile phone's while web application and community radio will be in place to respond to their queries.

The hub was inagurated by the U.N Women Executive Directive Michelle Bachelet who termed this initiative as a milestone in achieving the target of women empowerment and gender equality.

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Courtesy: The Hindu

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