(Analysis) New Urban Policy to be announced soon

(Analysis) New Urban Policy to be announced soon

http://www.iasplanner.com/civilservices/images/Union-Urban-Development.jpgWith an objective of addressing growing concerns over issues like waste management, disaster management, environmental issues, comprehensive mobility, rationalization of land and to effectively accommodate the needs to the growing population in the urban areas, the Union Urban Development Ministry has recently announced the revision of the existing Urban Development Plan formulation and Implementation (UDPFI) Guidelines, 1996.

In order to comply with the recently released United Nations Report which stated that "for cities to be prosperous, they must have key indicators
(i) Productive infrastructure development,
(ii) Quality of life,
(iii) Equity and social inclusion and
(iv) Environment sustainability in place"

The Union Ministry is keen to include norms and standards for land use and transport integration in the revised guidelines and for earthquake-prone areas, environmentally fragile zones and hazard-prone areas as well.

"The UDPFI Guidelines, 1996, were primarily meant for the guidelines of the State Town and Country Planning Departments, Urban Development Authorities and Urban Local bodies in terms of preparation of Master Plans and formulating norms and standards in order to ensure planned development of towns and cities. And, the revision of the guidelines is likely to help the Ministry in aligning city development with the growing need of the population and undertake urbanization.

Topics related to waste management, Urban and & growing population, & Disaster Management.

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