UPSC Mains Chinese Optional Syllabus - (Paper I & Paper II)

Civil Services Mains Exam Syllabus

(Chinese Optional Paper I and Paper II)


Candidates are required the to have a good knowledge of standard Chinese language and its characteristics so as to test the candidate's organizational capabilities. All the questions except the question on translation from Chinese to English must be answered in Chinese. All the questions carry equal marks.


1. Essay writing in about 500 Chinese characters on a topical subject.

2. Translation
a) Chinese-English
b) English-Chinese

3. Syntactic and grammatical usage.


  • Explanation of idioms and phrases in Chinese.
  • Development of Chinese language
  • Comprehension Précis writing.


This paper will require the candidates to have a good grasp of Chinese studies and will be designed to test the candidate's critical ability. All the questions must be answered in Chinese. All the questions carry equal marks.


1. Short notes on topics related to major events in modern Chinese history (from 1919 till date).

2. Critical evaluation of major literary works in pre-liberation period (1919-1949) :
a) Lao She : Four Generations, Rickshaw-puller.
b) Ba Jin : Family.
c) Lu Xum : Medicine, Madman's Diary. The True Story of Ah Q.
d) Mao Dun : Midnight
e) Ai Quing : Coal's Reply (Mei de Duihua), Begger (Qigai), I Love This Land (Wo Ai Zhe Tudi), Old Man (Laoren)
f) Guo Moruo : The Goddesses.

3. Role of Philosophy and Religion in the Development of Chinese Society.


1. Socio-Economic/Political/Educational/Sports/Science and Technological Development since 1979.

2. Critical appreciation of major literary works in post-liberation period (1949 till date) :

  • Gu Hua : The Town Called Hibiscus (Furongzhen)
  • Chen Rong : Till the Middle Age (Ren dao Zhongnian)
  • Liu Xinwu : The Class-in-Charge (Ban Zhuren)
  • Lu Yao : The Human Existence (Rensheng)
  • Ai Qing : Fish Fossil, The Mirror, The Gardener's Dream, The Hunter Who Drew Birds
  • Shu Ting : Motherland, My Beloved Motherland.



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