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Economic and Social Development

How to prepare Economics for IAS

Strategy for Preparing Economics

(Part - 1)

This is the basic introduction of Economics like what are the sources of economics, relative books, newspapers, magazines and what are the topics to be covered and the basic general approach etc. Economics is literally the toughest nut to crack for majority of IAS aspirants in both IAS Prelims and Mains. Many aspirants search for a ultimate book for this but that does not exist in economics and you need multiple sources to prepare, because it is a huge course. Few phases are analytical and technical including the use of mathematics, graphs, equations, numbers etc (but these are hard theory of economics and we usually don't delve into that with that much of details.) You have to emphasis a lot on concepts and current affairs and very less on actual facts.

How to prepare Economics optional for IAS

Strategy for Economics (Optional) Paper

In this article we will talk about Economics optional. Aspirant will get a detailed discussion and useful tips in order to evaluate the study approach for this subject in civil services main examination.

Method of studying Economics

There are multiple sources of preparation in a subject like Economics.

Stage - 1

Concentrate on understanding and concepts of whatever you are reading whether it be theorems or some models. We might forget the things 2 days after we have read it, Don't worry it is normal because you are not able to understand even the half the questions which have been asked in previous years. You don't have the clue of how to write answers in the exam, don't worry. Just ensure you finish the syllabus once appropriately.

Comparative Analysis of Civil Services Prelim Paper - I (GS - Economics)

Analysing Civil Services Prelims Exam
UPSC In-depth Question Analysis - General Studies (Pre)

Subject Year - 2011 Year - 2012 Year - 1013
Questions from Science & Technology 22 11 19
Questions from Geography + Environmental 24 24 26
Questions from Economics 18 13 19
Questions from Polity 11 16 16
Questions from History + Art and Culture 13 21 16
Questions from Miscellaneous 7 8 4
Questions from International Relation 5 1 0


This is a very important area and to start with, you should read 11th and 12th NCERT Economics books. Now in current scenario the traditional economics, facts and figures are not asked. They ask questions based on your understanding of economics like, Why FDI is important for us, What is Fiscal Cliff and problems in United State, About Greece Crisis or Euro Crisis etc. So, you should always looking for these kind of news and issues which affect us.

(Sample Paper) CSAT Paper - 1 : Economic and Social Development

CSAT Paper - 1 Sample Paper

Economic and Social Development

1. Economic liberalization in India started with
(a) substantial changes in industrial licensing policy
(b) the convertibility of Indian rupee
(c) doing away with procedural formalities for foreign direct investment
(d) significant reduction in tax rates
Answer (A)

2. The farmers are provided credit from a number of sources for their short- and long-term needs. The main sources of credit to the farmers include
(a) the Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies, commercials banks, RRBs and private money lenders
(b) the NABARD, RBI, commercial banks and private money lenders
(c) the District Central Cooperative Banks (DCCBs), the lead banks, IRDP and JRY
(d) the Large Scale Multi-purpose Adivasis Programme, DCCB, IFFCO and commercial banks
Answer (A)

3. The prices at which the government purchases foodgrains for maintaining the public distribution system and for building up buffer-stock is known as (2001)
(a) minimum support prices
(b) procurement prices
(c) issue prices
(d) ceiling prices
Answer (B)

Evaluate the FDI in retail sector in the Indian context

IAS Pre General Studies Sample Answers

Evaluate the FDI in retail sector in the; Indian context.
Do you think that it will open more opportunities? Suggest your own opinion on this point.

The government has already allowed 51 per cent FDI in single-brand retailing and is contemplating the pros and cons of allowing FDI in retail for multiple brands. If the sector is indeed opened up, it would increase India's bargaining power in the WTO, which then would have tremendous ramifications for future trade talks, specially the Doha round which has presently got stuck up. It would provide better quality of employment to many. In other words, there would be better salaries and better work ambience.

What is the difference between SEZ and Export Processing Zone

IAS Pre General Studies Sample Answers

"Elucidate Special Economic Zones. What is the difference between Special Economic of Zone and Export Processing Zone? How China benefiting from SEZ policy?"

The main objective of SEZ is to f an provide an internationally competitive and hassle-free environment for export production. The SEZs imply a qualitative transformation of traditional Export Processing Zone. The units operating in these zones are deemed as outside the nations' customs territory and shall have full flexibility in operations. They can import capital goods and raw materials duty free. The only precondition is that the units in the zones would have to be a net foreign exchange earner.

Multinational Military Exercise Cobra Gold 2012 (CG 2012)

IAS Pre General Studies Sample Answers

Co-sponsored by the U.S. and Thailand, was held in the Gulf of the Kingdom of Thailand. The 10-day military drill witnessed participation of 13000 military personnel from 17 nations. The Cobra Gold series of military exercise begun in 1982 and the exercise now in 31st year is designed to promote regional peace and security. It is the United State’s largest multilateral exercise in the Asia-pacific region and offers more than 20 participating countries critical training opportunities to improve involve interoperability in conducting multinational operations.

5th IBSA Summit at Tshwane

IAS Pre General Studies Sample Answers

The 5th India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) summit was held in Pretoria, South Africa.

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