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(World History) Overview of Napoleonic Era & Continental System

 Napoleonic Era & Continental System

Emperor NapoleonOutline

  • In 1806, Napoleon defeated Prussia in the battle of Zena and a new ‘Warsaw Dutchy’ was established
  • In 1807, Napoleon launched an attack on Russia
  • Battle of Elo was fought - thousands of soldiers were killed but the battle was indecisive
  • On 14th June 1807, the battle of Freedland was fought and Russian was

How to prepare World History for IAS

World History for Civil Services Examination

Mug up  the official syllabus first. World History does not come in Prelims, It only comes in Mains. As you can see that here we have divided whole syllabus in the different four part. (Remember we are concern about World History in this Article).

Important Topics: World History (Unification of Italy)

World History

(Unification of Italy)

Important Topics: World History (Unification of Germany)

World History

(Unification of Germany)

What is the background of German Unification

Preface: Birth of newly industrialised nations (like France, Britain, Spain) in Europe which started changing the political equation in Europe.

Main Reasons:

Important Topics: World History (French Revolution)

World History: French Revolution

Points to be discussed under French revolution

  • Preface
  • Reasons
  • Important Events
  • Evolution
  • Rise of Napoleon

American Revolution laid foundation while French Revolution constructed

Important Topics: World History (American Civil War)

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