Big Picture Debate: Indian Diaspora - Global Mark (Rajya Sabha TV)

Rajya Sabha TV Big Picture Debate

Discussion Topic: Indian Diaspora : Global Mark

Members of Expert Panel

  • Niklaus Samuel Gugger, Member of Parliament, Switzerland
  • Lord Ranvir Singh Suri, Member, House of Lords, UK
  • Dr. Swarup Ranjan Mishra, Member of Parliament, Kenya
  • Omie Singh, Member of Parliament, South Africa,
  • Frank Rausan Pereira (Anchor)

Introduction: The Indian diaspora is getting influential across the world. So much so that there are over 270 people of Indian origin in various positions of leadership—heads of state and government, senators, state leaders and Members of Parliament. In a unique initiative to forge ties with this influential diaspora, India will host the first ever PIO parliamentarian conference in New Delhi on January 9. As many as 124 MPs and 17 mayors from 23 countries will participate in this meet. .

Source & Courtesy: Rajya Sabha TV


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