Big Picture Debate: Winter Session of Parliament: Highs and Lows (Rajya Sabha TV)

Rajya Sabha TV Big Picture Debate

Discussion Topic: Winter Session of Parliament: Highs and Lows

Members of Expert Panel

  • Dr. Vinay P. Sahasrabuddhe, MP, Rajya Sabha, BJP
  • Ananda Bhaskar Rapolu, MP, Rajya Sabha, Congress
  • Roopal Suhag, Analyst, PRS
  • Frank Rausan Pereira (Anchor)

Introduction: The winter session of parliament ended on friday with both houses been adjurned sine die after 20 days of business. According to data by New Delhi based PRS legislative research, a think tank which tracks the functioning of Indian parliament, the winter session witness better productivity than last year. From December'15th to January 4th the total number of hours this session remained open for discussion in the Lok Sabha was 49.6 hrs. and for the Rajya Sabha it was 31.7 hrs.

Source & Courtesy: Rajya Sabha TV


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