IAS Planner (आई ए एस प्लैनर)

आई. ए. एस. प्लैनर ई-लर्निंग
हिन्दी भाषा के आई.ए.एस. (यू.पी.एस.सी.) अभ्यर्थी उचित मार्गदर्शन के लिये हमारे परीक्षा विशेषज्ञ से संपर्क कर सकते हैं।

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Civil Services Exam Related Study Notes, Articles and Information
Nature and Causes of Growing Slum Problems in India
Himalayan and the Tibetan Highlands - Development of South-West Monsoon
Mahatma Gandhi's support to Khilafat Movement
Crisis of the colonial order during 1919 and 1939
Character of Socio-Religious Reforms in 19th Century
Bio-refinery versus Fossil Fuels
Right to Freedom of religion as enshrined in the Indian constitution
Constitutional limitations on the free movements of the country
States tackled the trade-off between environment & development
Impact of Globalisation on Higher Education in India
Disaster Management, Steps to tackle Natural Disasters
Eco-tourism, Measures to promote in India
Information Technology in Health Management in India
Soils Erosion & Its Control in India
Sethusamudram Project
India’s Effort for Permanent Seat in the UN Security Council
Indo-Iran Gas Pipeline (Political Economic Implications)
Afghanistan - Developments in Post-Taliban period
Functions of European Free Trade Association
Ramifications of Hunger in Africa
Reasons for Industrial sickness in India
Objectives of Latin American Reserve Fund
Discussion Group
Free Online Dictionaries/Glossaries by CSTT
India, China & Russia's Grand axis: Challenge the Unipolar Supremacy
China-US Textile War
Sources of Ionizing and Non-ionizing Radiations & Effects
Economic backwardness as a major Challenge in Indian democracy
Constitution Amendment Bill and Ordinary Legislative Bill
Inter-State Council Establish Co-ordination between States
High Courts Power to issue 'writs' wider than Supreme Court
संघ लोक सेवा आयोग - एक परिचय (UPSC - An Introduction)
Implication of Intellectual Property Clauses after joining the WTO
US Policy on Iran’s Nuclear Programmer
Crippling the king in Nepal
Distinguish between judicial review and judicial activism in India
Factors to need for water harvesting in rural and urban India
General Studies Mains Model Question & Answer
Resource bases for Economic Development of Jharkhand and Uttranchal
Congress come to accept the partition of India.
Montagu-chelmsford Report
Subordinate Union Towards Princely States Policy
Positive Steps taken by the British to Modernise India
Non-cooperation Movement gave new direction and energy to the National Movement
Discuss the British vision of India had no single coherent set of ideas
Hindi Medium NCERT Books (एनसीईआरटी हिन्दी पाठ्‌यक्रम पुस्तकें)
(Analysis) Revision of Pension Schemes by the Government
The Manual Scavenging Bill-2012 (A Critical Analysis)
(Analysis) Aging India : The Rising Concern
English Medium NCERT Books for IAS Exam