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Suggest measures should be taken by the government on immediate basis to deal with the problem of water scarcity. Country's investments in the water infrastructure, institution and policy reforms is a must for growth and development. Discuss?
Prime Minister's Speech from Red Fort on 71st Independence Day Exam Notification: UPSC CDS Examination (II) - 2017
UPSC Civil Services Main Exam 2017 Dates Announced (World Geography) Aeolian Processes & Landforms - Mechanism of Arid, Wind Erosion & Deposition in Deserts
Bring out and discuss the ethical issues involved: Kierkegaard’s ideal of ‘Leap of Faith’. Bring out and discuss the ethical issues involved in Moral and Constitutional ideals, Empowerment, Autonomy & Sovereignty.
The principal ethical issues: Carefully study the cases and Bring out and discuss the ethical issues involved. Quotations of Gautam Buddha, Jeremy Bentham & Plato, bring out what it means to you in the present context.
The credo of the state should be Minimum Government, Maximum Governance. Comment. For a corruption free country, three societal members can make huge difference - father, mother and teacher.
In matters of conscience, the law of the majority has no place. How does this statement apply to a civil servant? What techniques would you use as an administrator to increase the perseverance and commitment of your work force?
Why do you want to be a civil servant? What attributes, do you believe, a civil servant ought to possess? What is an Ideal? What, according to you, shall be the highest Ideal of human life?
Examine the reasons for the ceasefire by Pakistan on Line of Control and suggest remedial measures to curb it. What is graphene? Discuss its properties and mention at least three of its applications.
Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG), the Wassenaar Arrangement and the Australia Group and India India’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) and COP-21 Paris climate conference.



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