How to Appear for IAS Interview

How to prepare yourself before UPSC Interview?
An example of attending IAS interview by candidate, and some important points to remember before appearing for Interview.

A candidate with Master's Degree in History from Delhi University, He is a dynamic young man of average height and medium built he has opted for off-white shirt and gray pants his shining black shoes and dark blue socks match admirably well with his outfits, and make him smart and efficient.

He has kept his dark well grown hair properly shampooed and combed after a decent haircut. He walks with confident steps, head held high and chest forward. By looking at him one can not but conclude that he is serious about the interview.

He arrives fairly in advance at his interview venue in auto rickshaw to avoid last minute rush and unexpected traffic holdups or crowded bus journey and the consequent risks of getting his cloths crumbled.

Essential Qualities: An IAS Interview Aspirant can be regarded as an enterprising and resourceful candidate. He/she mixes freely with strangers and creates strong and favorable impact with his/her knowledge and preparatory work. They are ready to face the Board with full Confidence and Optimism.

The candidate expresses original candid ideas without fear, intellectual integrity and firm conviction. He is frank and outspoken without being dogmatic and offensive. A loyal and forceful leader who can face a challenge without courage, detachment and resourcefulness to accomplished the ultimate success.

IAS Interview FAQs

What is the strength of the UPSC interview panel/board?
There shall be one chairperson and four other bord members. They ask questions on both factual and opinion oriented approach in about 30 minute of interview duration.

What to prepare for the IAS interview?
Its basically comprises of two parts, first is your personal biodata so reasearch well on yourself, and another your general studies (we would take it as Current Affairs) interest and knowledge. Remember Interviews are just a subjective thing, work hard and focus on your weak areas like lack of confidence level, poor conversation skills, lack of clarity in expressions/explanations. Remember UPSC will do its best to select the best brains.

Do and Don't for IAS Interview

  • Avoid guesses or speculations, listen very carefully and then come to the central issue of the question.

  • Be calm honest and speak less to convey more. Remember they are many years experienced members of UPSC.

  • Shed your over confidence or arrogance.

  • Wear decent and modest attire for Interview.

What questions do you expect by the board?
See, It depends upon the information you have provided about yourself in the Biodata or the board questionnaire. To start with the candidate's put at ease and ask some routine questions relating to his/her education, home-family background, hobbies, present occupation. Thereafter they smoothly switch over to the interview proper perhaps without the candidate even being aware about it.

What do you think what we should do if they ask question which we may not have correct answer.
The best way to express your regret and say that you don't know the answer.

Be the change you want to see. While preparing for preliminary exam itself start behaving, thinking, working and deciding like an administrator. You may not have all the resources but still you can achieve your targets with the resources available at hand. That is what is required of an administrator too. (Courtesy:  RV Varun Kumar, IAS Topper 2010).
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