IAS Mains General Studies Answers

Recommended for GS IAS Main Preparation

General Studies Chapter-wise Solved Papers
From 1997 - 2014 for IAS Mains By Arihant

Contents of the Book

  • IAS Mains 2013 Solved Papers (I , II, III, IV)
  • IAS Mains 2012 (Paper I & II)

Paper - 1
1. History of Modern Indian and Indian Culture
2. Geography of India
3. Constitution of India and Indian Polity
4. Current National Issues and Topics of Social Relevance

Paper II
1. India and the World
2. India’s Economic Interaction with the World
3. Developments in the Field of Science & Technology, IT and Space
4. International Affairs and Institutions
5. Statistical Analysis, Graphs and Diagrams

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Total Pages: 536
Medium of Language: English
Publisher: Arihant
Exam Type:
Civil Services Main

IAS Mains General Studies Sample Answers

Here in this section we are providing few previous years questions and their model answers. In order to enrich your writing skills, these explanations will help you to understand the answer Writing Concepts and Approach to answer a question of IAS main exam in an appropriate manner.

Find below the list of model answers of some past years questions, which are asked from General Studies for CSE Main examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

More Sample Answers will be available here very soon. Keep visiting for updates!
The Ilbert Bill was the most extreme but by no means an isolated expression of white racism. Critically analyse!
Despite some weakness the socio-religious reform movement did pave the way for the national awakening of India.
Discuss the important dance forms of south India and specify the different characteristics of Bharatanatyam and Kathakali dances.
Analyse the chief features of stupa architecture and highlight the significance of Sanchi and Bharhut stupas.
Prehistoric rock art of India represents socio-cultural milieu of early man. Elucidate!
Butler Committee Report & India
Aberrations of the Parliamentary System in India
Administrative Changes & Objectives in India after 1858
Contribution of Subhash Chandra Bose in India’s freedom
Breakdown of Constitutional Machinery and its effects
Regionalism and effects in Indian polity
Right to Life & Personal Liberty. How Courts expanded its meaning?
Role of Caste in Indian Politics
Political / Regional boundaries need to be co-terminus
Panchayati System Implementation - Restructuring of the Indian polity
Salient Features of the Government of India Act 1858 and 1909
Bio-signatures: A Brief Discussion
What is the role of the Protem Speaker?
What is a Cryogenic Engine?
Salient features of Integrated Energy Policy & implication on Energy Security of Country
Terrorism Sources in Pakistan and Afghanistan
What is the significance of a preamble to a constitution?
Explain the Components of Robots
Critical Assessment of the Non-Cooperation Movement
Corruption as a serious Development Challenge in India polity


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