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Current Affairs Quiz for UPSC IAS Exam - JUNE 2017
Current Affairs Quiz for UPSC IAS Exam - MAY 2017 (PART 2)
Current Affairs Quiz for UPSC IAS Exam - MAY 2017 (PART 1)
Important Topics: Managing Risks of Disasters for Sustainable Development
Important Topics: Biological Disasters - Causes and Way Forward
Important Topics: Chemical Disaster: Prevention & Response
Important Topics: Post Sendai Initiatives and Way Forward
Important Topics: Science & Techology For Make In India
Important Topics: Science & Technology in Sustainable Development
Important Topics: Earth System Science For Public Safety
Important Topics: Space Based Platform For Common Man
Important Topics: Science For Development - Strengthening The Science & Technology Road Map
Important Topics: Goods & Service Tax (GST) on Indian Economy
Important Topics: Black Money Menace - Government on War Footing
Important Topics: Indirect Tax Reforms - Facilitative Tax Regime
Indian Forest Service (Main) Exam 2017 Dates Announced
आधुनिक भारत का इतिहास: ब्रिटिश भारत में औपनिवेशिक नीतियाँ (शिक्षा का विकास, प्राच्य- पाश्चात्य विवाद, शिक्षा आयोग, समिति व योजना)
Final Result: UPSC CDS Exam (II), 2016 (Officers Training Academy Course)
Important Topics: Indian Textiles - Global Scenario (India and World)
Important Topics: Khadi - A Zero Carbon Footprint Industry
Important Topics: Technical Textiles - The Sunrise Industry
Important Topics: Growing Violence Against Women
Important Topics: Women in Indian Freedom Struggle
Important Topics: Women’s Empowerment - The Government Perspective
Important Topics: Women’s Empowerment in the Indian Context
Write a note on India's green energy corridor to alleviate the problem of conventional energy.
(World Geography) SOILS - Major Components, Characteristics, Soil Horizons, Soil Formation & Pedogenic Processes
(World Geography) Glacial Processes and Landforms - Landforms of Highland Glaciations & Glaciated Lowlands
What is water harvesting? Describe its relevance in the Indian context.
In all the developing countries public expenditure is considered to be a key policy. Consider and discuss the need of government expenditure in irrigation facilities.
Cut-off Marks: UPSC Civil Services Examination
How much safe water is available is more relevant than the mere availability of water. Discuss in the light of Swachh Bharat, Namami Gange etc.
What is the difference between adaptation and mitigation to climate change? Discuss measures in the present scenario.
Notice & e-Admit Cards: UPSC NDA and NA Examination (II) 2017
UPSC Civil Services (Main) Examination 2017 Detailed Application Form (DAF)
Mention the flood management initiatives of government of India. Is India well prepared for mitigating its effects?
What quantum leaps can help preserve the river Ganga better than incremental inputs?
Can water interlinking be a good solution for the water deficiency problem in different parts of India?
Suggest measures should be taken by the government on immediate basis to deal with the problem of water scarcity.
Country's investments in the water infrastructure, institution and policy reforms is a must for growth and development. Discuss?
Download UPSC IAS Main Exam General Studies Previous Year Question Papers
Prime Minister's Speech from Red Fort on 71st Independence Day
Exam Notification: UPSC CDS Examination (II) - 2017
UPSC Civil Services Main Exam 2017 Dates Announced
Download UPSC, IAS Prelims Exam Previous Year Question Papers
(World Geography) Aeolian Processes & Landforms - Mechanism of Arid, Wind Erosion & Deposition in Deserts
Bring out and discuss the ethical issues involved: Kierkegaard’s ideal of ‘Leap of Faith’.
Bring out and discuss the ethical issues involved in Moral and Constitutional ideals, Empowerment, Autonomy & Sovereignty.
The principal ethical issues: Carefully study the cases and Bring out and discuss the ethical issues involved.
Quotations of Gautam Buddha, Jeremy Bentham & Plato, bring out what it means to you in the present context.


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