Insight Discussion: Budget Expectation 2018 - Health Sector (Lok Sabha TV)

Lok Sabha TV Insight Discussion

Discussion Topic: Budget Expectation 2018 - Health Sector

Members of Expert Panel

  • Manoj Jhalani, Additional Secretary (Health Ministry)
  • Mira Shiva, Coordinator and Convener, All India Drug Action Network (AIDAN)
  • Dr. Manoj Sharma, Former Director, Professor, Maulana Azad Medical College
  • Natasha Jha Bhaskar (Anchor)

Introduction: What is the present state of healthcare in our country? What we should expect from the Finance Minister? The rising commercialisation or privatisation of healthcare and what are the challenges that exist in our system? Will  the Finance Minister be ready to address these challenges in his Budget 2018.

  • Indian has made little progress in achieving universal health coverage.

  • India's government spending on health is less than 2% of GDP.

  • Indian falls under countries who spent lowest on healthcare in world.

  • 63 million people faced with poverty due to healthcare expenditure.

  • India needs 4 lakh more doctors by 2020 to maintain required doctor people ratio.

  • India has one government hospital bed for 879 people on average.

  • Density of hospital beds per 10,000 stands at 9 against global average of 30

Source & Courtesy: Lok Sabha TV


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