August 2017

Important Topics: Space Based Platform For Common Man


The Indian space programme started 20 years late than developed countries but today it has emerged as one among the six leading space facing nations by achieving self-reliance in technologies for building powerful rockets, satellites for earth observation of communication etc.

Important Topics: Science For Development - Strengthening The Science & Technology Road Map

  • The Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, serves as the nodel agency for all government led initiatives that create and strengthen the science & technology in our country.
  • The DST accordingly co-ordinates with several other department,

Important Topics: Goods & Service Tax (GST) on Indian Economy

In order to make India a manufacturing hub, as it will create employment for burgeoning youth, it is imperative that the foreign investors / companies find the environment to be conducive here.

Important Topics: Black Money Menace - Government on War Footing India, black money refers to funds earned on the black market, on which taxes have not been paid. In February, 2012, director of CBI said that Indians have US $ 500 bn of illegal funds in foreign tax havens. To curb this black money government had tighten is belt and shown its commitment to tackle this menace by

Important Topics: Indirect Tax Reforms - Facilitative Tax Regime whether direct or indirect plays a very important role in national building. In the scheme of indirect taxes Central Board of Excise & Custom (CBEC), a statuary body constituted under Central Board of Revenue Act 1963, has been tasked with formulation and implementation of policy concerning indirect taxes which creates

Important Topics: Indian Textiles - Global Scenario (India and World)

Indian TextileGlobal recovery continues, but at an ever slowing and increasingly fragile pace – In 2015, the volume of world trade continued to grow slowly, recording weak but positive growth of 2.7%. Demand in global market across sectors, remains muted but amid a slowdown, India’s textile sector managed to grow approx 1% in Financial Year 2016.

Important Topics: Khadi - A Zero Carbon Footprint Industry

KhadiQuestion: The potential of Khadi as an instrument of poverty alleviation was recognised by our early planners. While the output and employment of Khadi and Village Industries have grown manifold during the last five decades, their role in the context of the new paradigm of development has been questioned. Discuss!


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