India's Soft and Hard power Strategy in Foreign Policy

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India's 'Soft ' and 'Hard' power strategy in foreign policy

 There may be ‘Soft’ or Hard power strategy in foreign policy. Newer realities of pragmatism that has over shadowed whole of the international diplomacy has also made India to shun off its ideological bent of mind in its Foreign policy. India presently using both 'soft' and 'hard' power strategy simutaneously. On the front of 'soft' version of diplomacy makes India to go for economic issues, natural resources nationalisation, cultural diplomacy and co-operation polities to tell what she wants to convey to the concerned nation in a peaceful manner.

On the other hand, India also goes for the 'hard' version of diplomacy when it stationed fighter air craft's on Aksai-chin border to tell china that India is ready for any consequences for protection of its territories. India becomes 'hard' on boundary issues and terrorism. It also spoke in clear and strong words that Arunachal is an intergral part of India. India stopped dialogue with Pakistan for sometime after 26/11 terror attack.

Similarly, on the western front also it indulged in domestic warfare games. If India signs nuclear deal with USA called 123 agreement with its core principle attached. At the same time it also receives more than what they intended to give by making the business lobby realise about the opportu by that India can provide t them if they support India point of view regarding this deal. Applying Both 'soft' and 'Hard' diplomacy subsequently is a sign fo nations growing stature and confidence.

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