Comparative Analysis of Civil Services Prelim Paper - I (GS - Economics)

Analysing Civil Services Prelims Exam
UPSC In-depth Question Analysis - General Studies (Pre)

Subject Year - 2011 Year - 2012 Year - 1013
Questions from Science & Technology 22 11 19
Questions from Geography + Environmental 24 24 26
Questions from Economics 18 13 19
Questions from Polity 11 16 16
Questions from History + Art and Culture 13 21 16
Questions from Miscellaneous 7 8 4
Questions from International Relation 5 1 0


This is a very important area and to start with, you should read 11th and 12th NCERT Economics books. Now in current scenario the traditional economics, facts and figures are not asked. They ask questions based on your understanding of economics like, Why FDI is important for us, What is Fiscal Cliff and problems in United State, About Greece Crisis or Euro Crisis etc. So, you should always looking for these kind of news and issues which affect us.

Try to understand the meaning of the issue or topic, because understanding is the key in economics rather than facts & figures. For example "What is Economic Growth" is NOT going to be asked. What is going to be asked is "Why there is a inflation or why there is a slowdown in economic growth?". You can crack this only if you have a good understanding of the related topics and issues. Around 50% of aspirants commit that they are not able to follow it properly, we need to understand the basics first. Pickup the NCERT books to improve better understanding in key topics and things will be easy for you, then only you should think about other things.

Then, Economic Survey can be a good clue. Specially the first chapter (the introduction) of economic survey, and we would suggest you all to read this chapter which is going to come in the end of February. Also you can read reports related to Plans  and Strategies of the Governments, various Committee Reports separately.

Quick tips and daily dose for IAS aspirants

  • 18th May to 15th August Start Revision twice.
  • Caution: Never Skip reading for Mains before March.
  • In the same time equal weight-age to Paper-II.
  • 15 Minutes Current Affairs daily update (Never Skip).

CSAT Comparative Analysis Pie Chart

Economics - 2013 (Area Covered)

  • BOP (Balance of Payment)
  • RBI Regulation & Banks
  • Bank Rate
  • Deficit Financing
  • Priority Sector Lending
  • Inflation
  • Forex Reserve
  • Inflation (Factors)
  • National Income Calculation
  • Rupee Appreciation - Depreciation
  • Bank Direct Cash to Rural Household
  • Capital Account (Components)
  • Disguised Unemployment
  • Assets & Liquidity
  • Open Market Operations (OMO)

Economics  - 2012 (Area Covered)

  • MDPI (Multi Dimensional Poverty Index)
  • 13th Finance Commission
  • Manufacturing Sector Growth
  • Demographic Transition
  • Index of Industrial Production
  • RBI- Bank Loans (Bankers Bank)
  • Capital Gains
  • Money Supply & Economy
  • FDI
  • Lead Bank Scheme
  • Inclusiveness

Economics  - 2011 (Area Covered)

  • Mega Food Park
  • Micro Finance
  • Teaser Loans
  • Growth Rate GDP Relation
  • Banks Disbursement Credit to Agriculture
  • CPSE
  • Bank Rate Decrease Impact on Economy
  • Growth & Inflation
  • VAT
  • Closed Economy
  • FDI-FII Difference
  • Food Inflation
  • Fiscal Stimulus
  • CAD (Current Account Deficit)
  • Base Effect & Inflation
  • Demographic Dividend

List of other topic-wise analysis

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