How to choose important topics from a newspaper for IAS

Strategy to read newspapers for IAS exam preparation

Reading Improvement Tips for UPSC Exam

In our previous articles we have already discussed the importance and approach of reading newspapers for the civil services examination. We all know that it is a required task and in this article we will learn that how to read newspapers to get the best out of it. Preferably one should finish the newspaper in 2 hours including making notes and current affairs.

Well, first thing is to decide that which newspaper we must read and obviously The Hindu is one of the most prominent newspaper in the country followed by UPSC aspirants for their exam preparation. It is most relevant and useful for the civil services examination point of view. If we talk about Indian Express then we will find that this one also is a good source of contents for your study specially for the Public administration (if you have opted this subject as an optional) and Polity in civil services mains examination.

But before you go further we would recommend you to go through (mugup) the syllabus religiously. If we learn the syllabus then it will be very easy to judge that what things are important and not important for civil services exam. So, analyse the syllabus and read accordingly.

Sections of the Daily Newspaper (To be focussed)

  • The Front page of newspaper
  • National News section of newspaper
  • Economy News section of newspaper
  • International News section of newspaper
  • Editorials (important for critical, conceptual and analytical approach)

What to avoid and what to read


  • About Political parties

  • Elections and Political issues (which does not have any constitutional and administrative significance)

  • Criticism & Proclamation related to Entertainment

(We need to focus into the administrative aspect not political view or involvement on particular issue)

Must Read

  • We must focus on news or editorials related to government schemes or programs, geographical issues, RBI's policy initiatives etc. Here we are mentioning few topics which should be given special attention in order to prepare important topics with newspapers. Read news related to electoral reforms, Judicial reform or Political reform, country's social and economic indicators like GDP, Inflation, Poverty, flood, draught, monsoon conditions. Issues or problem between states, analysis of govt. policies etc.

  • For the International section you have to read news & events which have significant importance for the country. International part is basically important for civil services prelims exam point of view and many questions are directly coming from these issues and events.

  • Business section is important but for civil services exam point of view we should give attention to macro-economy which is mentioned in our syllabus. So read topics like Inflation, employment growth, demographic dividends etc. Do not leave news related to governmental or constitutional bodies.

  • We know that Science and Technology news comes on Thursday and we must read it with special attention as per the prelims exam is concerned. For the sports section focus only on big/important events like Olympics etc.

These are few tips which we believe that will be very useful to improve your newspaper reading skill. In start most of us feel that reading newspaper takes a lot of time but you should not to worry about it at all. If you make a habit of reading then you can have the chance to reduce the time for this task.

Also make sure that you improve your notes making skill while reading newspapers and we know that making notes is most important exercise for exam preparation. Remember that if you avoid making notes you will not be able to do revision just before your exams. So never forget to make notes during reading newspapers.

Before you say I can't. Say I'll try then give it your best!

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