General Studies Planner: Civil Services Prelims

Preparation Plan for General Studies (Civil Services Prelims)

In this article we will discuss about a Plan to prepare General Studies for Civil Services Preliminary examination with the very simple flowchart, all the resources, and from where we can read it successfully. We have provided a flowchart below which showing each subject that how we can cover it very nicely.

For example: For a specific subject which NCERT books you need for it? Which magazines you must read for it? What standard text books to read and overall the newspapers for it.

Analyse the table of contents one by one

Subject/Topic Name NCERT Class Magazine/Reports Standard Books Daily Newspaper
ECONOMY 10th to 12th

For magazine any special issue of magazine which you always get in every three months. May be Pratiyogita Darpan or may be Chronicle but you can select magazine as per your understanding.

For Economy you can choose Spectrum or Mishra & Puri and these will help you in clearing the concepts of the economy.

To cover the economy topics read The Hindu on a daily basis.


You don't need any NCERT probably to clear your concepts.

Special Issues you can get quarterly from any magazine. No problem, you can choose it accordingly.

NO NCERT, because for this M. Laxmikant's Indian Polity is the best book you have to cover up all the basics you need to clear further Polity.

To cover the Law and Governance related issues or topics from the polity, read The Hindu or Indian Express which sorted out very nicely towards the polity subjects.

HISTORY 11th to 12th 

-as above-

Specifically the Bipin Chandra to cover up all the basics and criteria's of History to understand it clearly.

You don't need to read any newspaper to study history.

GEOGRAPHY 11th to 12th 

-as above-

You specifically need an Atlas and to clarify all the Conventional and Conceptual Geography you can read A Comprehensive Geography (India) by D. R. Khullar (thoroughly & specifically discussed, concise & to the point, syllabus is tactfully covered). Also Geography: 3000 Terms And Concepts.

You don't need to read any newspaper to cover up the geography.


7th to 10th which are very clearly explained the basic concepts of Science and technology.

-as above-

No standard books required because The Hindu Science & Technology page you get in every Thursday.

So, you keep tracking the Hindu Science & Tech page every week with NCERT and Special Issues of any magazine and you can cover up your syllabus very easily for the General Studies.

CURRENT AFFAIRS No NCERT Books for Current Affairs

You can choose any magazine of your choice. We should always choose a magazine which helps you understand more with the language, because each magazine is different in language and writing approach. But read it on a daily basis.

No standard books required.

You should read The Hindu newspaper very constantly and daily, specifically the The Editorials of Hindu which are very informative can give you too much knowledge issues and topics to cover up your current affairs.

The last thing to cover up, you should never forget that everybody read the same subjects from same resource like Books, Newspapers and NCERT as well. Then what makes difference in the Marks and, of course, qualification of the people.
Just one simple difference you have is that preparing for General Studies is like Kung-fu. This possibly sounds funny but everybody should have his own strategies.

You need to create your own preparation planning with right strategy and approach to cover up the General Studies. Everybody faces the same books, everybody have the same material and all the standard resources available in the market to everyone. But who crosses? Who have the Own Strategy to cover up required knowledge to crack general studies.


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