How to prepare Anthropology optional for IAS

Strategy for Anthropology (Optional) Paper candidates who have read Biology as a subject in graduation or those who are doctors can certainly consider Anthropology as an optional subject. PG in zoology or biology background from universities like DU can help you to became easy to understand very important and marks fetching portion of Anthropology called as Physical / Biological Anthropology.

If you have interest in reading and learning about tribal issues. The issues pertaining to Indian society (as Anthropology is close to Sociology but more scientific in approach). A good understanding of Anthropology helps in Essay paper.

Preparation approach for Anthropology

For both Paper 1 and Paper 2, One must make short and crisp notes on areas like Archaeology and Hominid Fossils. The Physical Anthropology of paper 1 is marks fetching, therefore questions from this area must be attempted in examination. Paper 2 has become dynamic for the last 2 years so keep watch on the current happening in newspapers which are related to the topics in Anthropology optional syllabus.

Efficiently use Internet for any clarification or derivative study for related topics or issues. Annual report published in the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and other governmental reports concerning with the welfare of SC, ST and minorities should be looked upon once.

Role of Coaching

Coaching has a limited role to play. Anthropology can be done without coaching classes too, but real hard work as smart study has to be done by the aspirants. Some portion of the Anthropology syllabus can be left untouched as probably of asking questions from them is very less. Wherever it is necessary study Printed notes from good teachers/institutes along with answer writing practice.

Answer writing for Anthropology option

All answers must have Introduction and Conclusion. Conclusion should be something contemporary or optimistic. Insert any current developments such as governmental programs or incidents into your answers if question has been asked from related topic from Anthropology syllabus, especially for paper two.

Questions in Archaeology should be answered in four parts.
  1. Time period, Tools and technology
  2. Regional variation
  3. Cultural advancements
  4. Social life of humans living at that time period

Questions Human Fossils should be answered in four parts.

  1. Meaning, time period, species
  2. Anatomical features
  3. Cultural developments
  4. Position in evolutionary line


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