How to prepare Current Affairs

Current Affairs

Current Events/Affairs has become a very prominent component and its role in Civil services examination. In exams many questions are asked from this section, so prepare thoroughly. Because your efforts will be useful for you in all stages of the competition and make it a part of your daily routine.

Current Events

Make an aerial view of Newspaper by making Political Administrative, Socio-Cultural, Economic, Technical, Geographical News. Set the Newspapers in their dates sequence from Sunday to Sunday. On Sunday start reading the newspapers in reverse direction i.e., from 20th of January to 12th of january in order to filter important & exam oriented  news within that time frame.

Now majority of objective questions are conceptual and asked in the negative terms, e.g., which is/are not true regarding Right to Information Act, 2005? It means you have to know each and every aspect of the law. So, no short cut is sustainable for Prelims examination.

Here is the list of those important events or affairs..

  • which become the headlines of the newspapers and editorial are written.
  • which have a negative/positive effects on the society.
  • which remain in topic or discussion in society and people for a long time.
  • which find a special attention in reputed newspapers for a long time.
  • which have a quality in making exam oriented notes under national/international issues.
  • and Bilateral Relation.

General Knowledge

In GK section, very few questions are usually asked. Remember "Do not study exhaustively and spending too much time in memorizing unneeded topics or facts". Keep yourself updated and aware broadly about various fields. At in meantime, explore and focus more on those areas, which have been asked in the previous exams from online & offline resources like exam preparation articles, books, newspapers etc.

  • Good News Paper (preferably  The Hindu)
  • Books and Authors
  • Sports/Games & Awards
  • Important Days and Years
  • Awards and Honours
  • Popular and Great Personalities in News
  • Indian Defence and Space Programmes in News
  • Technology and Computers

India Year Book (Publication Division)

This book is an essential tool for aspirants as well as important for the CSAT and in two marks questions part of the Mains exam. Reading this book needs logical and concentrated approach on the basic notes, which can be usually asked in competition. One  should prepare own notes in regard with various terms/topics explained in the book. Remember there are loads of unnecessary facts given in the book. Do not spend much time on them. You can buy this book online. Click Here to Order This Book.


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