How to prepare Law optional for IAS

Strategy for Law (Optional) Paper

Mentor says that the only reason you should take any optional is your interest in that and without interest, you won't be able to prepare for the same.

Role of Coaching

It can be of immense help if you don't have basic understanding and approach for the optional you have opted. You should relied with coaching notes and strategy because it can streamline your preparation. It provides you writing skills and study management to save your time from studying too much and what all is not required for the preparation. With the guidance of teachers you will be able to do smart work and crack the exam without undue hustle and pressure.

How to write answer for Law optional?

Paper 1 of the Law optional has conceptual parts and less technical. It tests your ability to analyze constitution and international affairs while Paper 2 is little technical. You should write paragraph based in paper 1 and in paper 2 be to the point and precise. For contemporary legal developments one has to read them in coordination with new changes and amendments. It is better to supplement your answers with examples of cases but cases should not overshadow the main concept of the answer. Also do practice for answer writing and get them evaluated a few times before sitting for the examination.

Sources to study Law

Reading lots of books will not help you to crack this but reading selected books with sincere devotion and hard work will definitely help. Making notes and answer writing practice can help you to write relevant portions without even thinking too much. Do not avoid syllabus and go through it again and again to evaluate that what portions you have left. For the topics like FRs and SCs need to be covered up comprehensively. Always mark differences over various topics as to what would require and amount of time for the same.

Useful Books For Law Optional

  • Constitution Law by JN Pandey

  • Torts by RK Bangia/Avtar Singh

  • Contract by Avtar Singh

  • Indian Penal Code by PSA Pillai's Criminal Law

  • Public Int Law by Kapoor/Gurdeep Bahari

  • Administrative Law by CK Takwani

  • Mercantile Law by Ascent Publication

  • Contemporary topics - Supreme Court judgements and use the bare acts also use internet.


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