How to prepare Medical Science optional for IAS

Strategy for Medical Science (Optional) Paper

In this article we will talk about Medical Science optional and give you few tips on study approach and answer writing concept.

How is Medical Science as an Optional?

If you are a doctor or you have completed your studies in allied branches of medicine, then you can take this optional by your choice. You can go for it if you really like it and are genuinely interested. The syllabus of this optional is very vast and tends to delve into boring at times. So be honest and choose carefully whether or not you can choose medical science as an optional or not.

Study approach for Medical Science

Make sure that you have those notes or study material which you made during your professional examination during college. The level of difficulty is somewhat lower than the questions asked in our professional examination and hence we have already covered most of the syllabus we just need time to consolidate properly. Read and finish the syllabus which is given in the UPSC prospectus (official notification) as it will be more than enough to cover 90% of questions asked in the exam. So, never loose you focus as medicine is a vast ocean where you have to master just few drops to be a civil servant.

Medical science is one of the few optionals which is consistently fetching high marks since the year it was introduced and very high marks are relatively easy to score in medical sciences. Never read page by page to complete a particular chapter as course is literally infinite not meant to be completed even in lifetime. Be judicious in your time which you devote to study medical science as it is the most consistent optional out there as far cost benefit analysis is concerned.

Jus read topic wise from text books and study materials and never spend too much time studying one topic as it will not be fruitful. Just skim through it and revise often as Medical Science is very volatile. Always Remember the Keywords and Keywords only as they will help you in writing good and pertinent answers in the examination.

How to write answers in Medical Science paper?

You should always write in bullet points, rarely in complete sentences. Make diagrams even if not explicitly asked by examiner and use color pencils for the same because it will put gravity in your answer and make them stand out. Choose carefully questions you want to attempt as you have good amount of choices. attempt only those questions where you know some keywords in all the parts and subparts.

Finally take this optional even if you did not study with dedication in your MBBS days. There is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED of coaching as syllabus is very straightforward. Use rather exploit internet especially Wikipedia as it gives tons of information on almost all the topics. Never study from those huge MCQ books which are meant solely for PG entrance examination. They are a distraction, completely avoid them.


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