September 2017

Important Topics: Earth System Science For Public Safety

Introduction Ministry of Earth Science (MOES) was established in 2006 by bringing all the agencies specializing in weather and climate service and ocean developmental activities under one umbrella. MOES holistically addressesall aspects relating to Earth system processes for providing weather climate, ocean, coastal, hydrological and seismological services.

Important Topics: Science & Technology in Sustainable Development


S&TThe recent instance of deteriorating air quality of country and capital after festive season led to use the metaphor of gas chamber for atmosphere with low and stagnant wind, refusing to dilute the noxious pollutants.

Important Topics: Science & Techology For Make In India

Introduction sector contributed only 17% to India's GDP in 2013. So the government is trying to push for revival in this sector through 'Make in India' 2015 and 'start up India – 2016' which could usher a new lease of life in this sector.

Important Topics: Post Sendai Initiatives and Way Forward


The 3rd UN world conference on disaster risk reduction, held in Sendai (Japan) in 2015, adopted a 15 year plan known as 'Sendai framework'. The Sendai Framework is a successor of Hyogo framework for action (2005) and it is the first UN agreement on the post 2015 development agenda. It has four priority areas:

Important Topics: Chemical Disaster: Prevention & Response

Introduction Indian chemical industry contributes 2.11% to country's GDP. Between 2000 and 2015, the Indian chemical industry witnessed foreign direct investment worth 10.49 billion US dollars. This industry is expected to grow at 11% per annum to US$ 154bn by 2020. However, major chemical disaster disrupts its growth and

Important Topics: Biological Disasters - Causes and Way Forward


Biological DisasterBiological disaster is defined as, “the devastating effects caused by an enormous spread of a certain kind of living organism that may spread a disease, viruses or infestation of plant, animal or insect life on an epidemic or pandemic level”.

Important Topics: Managing Risks of Disasters for Sustainable Development


SDGsSustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), Paris agreement on climate change cop-21 and Sendai Framework Disaster Risk Reduction (2015-30) – all these three documents have many common grounds, and one such conjunction is climate change, development,

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