Last Minute Tips To Crack IAS Prelims

Last Minute Preparation Tips for Civil Services Prelims Exam

Preparation Planning in Less than a Month

Before appearing in IAS Prelims, the last days preparation becomes more crucial. Aspirant have to pull himself together and speed up to win. If you are ready for the marathon of Prelims then consider few last minute tips for IAS Prelims exam.

Study Management is the key factor of your study and even more important when you have shortage of time. We know that Syllabus is huge and one cannot revise the entire syllabus just before the competition. Most importantly you must go through important topics from exam oriented approach in both Paper I (General Studies) & Paper II (Aptitude Test).

Strategy for Paper I – General Studies

Have notes on Important topics and events happening in Socio-Economic, Infrastructure Development, Polity & Governance, Regulations & Employment front for at least one year before IAS Prelims. Also cover all the current affairs happenings in India and World. Most importantly Environment Policies, Ecology and Environment Based issues. Because recently these issues have been striking newspaper's headlines and plenty of questions are asked from these topics in CSAT.

Ancient India, India's Freedom Movement, World Wars 1 and 2, Major Historical Movements from World History. For Geography, revise the major topics, Constitution of India, Sports and Awards, Art & Culture, Social Development and Literature.

Strategy for Paper II – Aptitude Test

As we know that the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) Paper 2 is qualifying in nature and a minimum of 33% has to be secured by the aspirants to appear in Main examination. Aptitude Test tests candidate’s Analytical ability and problem solving skills, Decision making and thought process. Remember that this paper is more subjective rather than objective approach.

Important points to are keep in mind before preparing Aptitude Test

  • Comprehension is little critical section to study and also in analyzing answers. But you can enhance your comprehension skills by solving model papers and reading study material. It cannot be build or improved in a matter of some time, in last days you have to do practice with analyzing your answers and learning that how to avoid committing mistakes in the exam.

  • Next is Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Basic Numeracy section, remember that your basic concepts should be 100% complete. Try Solving questions and analyze them to correct your mistakes and weakness. But time management should be major concern and wasting too much time in dealing with one topic or question should be avoided.

  • Decision making and Problem solving skills are also cannot be prepared in a matter of days. Aspirants can read useful articles or study materials on particular topics.

  • To improve your Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning, practice is is the key factor. By now every aspirant must have learnt the formulas or tricks to solve Reasoning and Analytical parts. Because exam is your approaching and remember that you can solve more model papers within a set time. Don't forget to analyzing your answers to correct before the exam.

Additional Dose Your exam is just round the corner and no one can afford to lose time on preparing new concepts. Rehearse what you have read till now and try to acquire clarity in concepts and topics.

Test Series: It is absolutely mandatory without suggestions and aspirants must solve previous years’ question papers. Remember that you already know the paper pattern and one should try to proceed swiftly without selecting wrong answers.

Speed matters: Speed is an essential eligibility to clear the IAS exam. Aspirant need to be consciously aware about his speed and put efforts to increase it. Mock paper are your best friends in this stage, this needs to be done on a regular basis without fail and remember it will let you answer more questions in less time.

Distractions: If you can avoid this, it will allow you to go a long way in helping you to fetch good score in exam. Postpone your social activities until the marathon is over. In this stage do not waste time in sharing notes and club studies. Always plan and study to focus on your exam rather than on unwanted activities.

Confidence: Without confidence no one would be enough to crack the exam. So, be confident and keep yourself self motivated with positive and encouraging thoughts.

Essentials:  Well, exam approaches and it is quite natural that most aspirants loose their appetite and get all anxious. But this is not a solution, we need to calm down our mind and anxiety and for this try out some Yoga or Meditation in study intervals (15-30 minutes after 2-3 hours). Do not rush up and burn midnight oil, maintain life and study management balance and relax.

  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.
  • Be enthusiastic and give your best in these remaining days of your exam preparation.
  • Don’t lose your hope and keep putting your best efforts.

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